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With our wealth of experience in the industry, we can offer so much more than just the personnel – Harasty’s provide customised solutions and tailor made teams for our clients.

As a customer driven company we believe in the importance of fully understanding your requirements and culture. This knowledge of your organisation, combined with our systems and procedures, allows us to deliver a premium quality professional service.

Casual Placements

Our highly skilled casual workforce gives you maximum flexibility and control over your team. The team can be reduced or increased as needed, tailor made and changed to suit your needs.

Utilising our casual work force can accommodate your changing level of catering activity resulting in cost savings that go straight to your bottom line. In addition, Harasty’s trained staff provide a level of efficiency that maximises the yield out of every dollar spent.

You pay for the hours worked only, avoiding the expense of holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation, payroll tax and other time consuming and costly employer responsibilities.

Permanent Placements

Corporate hospitality is our area of expertise. We have the knowledge and ability required to recruit the right people to join your work force.

With our industry knowledge, contacts and experience we can effectively and efficiently provide candidates to fit your culture and environment. This saves you time and money, with a guaranteed result.

Total Event Management

Through years of experience in the industry we have developed unique systems and procedures for the running of functions and events.

For every event we manage the supervisor will arrive well prepared, with tools in hand to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our systems support the staff in achieving the best possible result.
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Harasty's Recruitment Agency
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